State Law Library of Montana

Notices of new Opinions and Orders from the Montana Supreme Court, Library Announcements, Research Tips, and Montana Legal News


This newsfeed is maintained by the reference staff of the State Law Library of Montana.  We launched this feed in May 2006.  The primary purpose for creating this feed was to provide a current awareness tool to allow members of the judicial branch, the state bar, the media, and the general public to receive up-to-date information about what is happening in the Montana Supreme Court in one convenient place.  

Most of our posts will consist of notices of new Montana Supreme Court opinions and recently filed briefs in the Montana Supreme Court.  To help our patrons find cases on particular subjects, all published opinions will be subject indexed by reference staff, using the categories listed at the left.   These subjects are not assigned by the attorneys or the justices involved in the case — they are solely the product of law librarians.  Thus, they are not “official” in any sense; please use your own judgment when reading the cases. 

We will also use this forum occasionally to highlight new and interesting books and other materials found in the State Law Library.  If you are interested in any of the materials, please use the Contact button at the top to find out how to reach us for more information.

Finally, we will post announcements about important legal events in the Montana Supreme Court or the State Law Library as they arise. 

As you will see, we have not enabled comments on this feed.  This feed is intended to be used for research purposes, not for political commentary.  There are many political blogs out there that serve that purpose; please visit one of them to post comments on the information you find here. 

Thanks for joining us!

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