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OPINION: City of Missoula v. Mountain Water

Posted by scanner1 on August 3, 2016


DA 15-0375,

2016 MT 183,

THE CITY OF MISSOULA, a Montana municipal corporation,

Plaintiff and Appellee,


MOUNTAIN WATER COMPANY, a Montana corporation, and CARLYLE INFRASTRUCTURE PARTNERS, LP, a Delaware limited partnership,

Defendants and Appellants.


THE EMPLOYEES OF MOUNTAIN WATER COMPANY, (Shanna M. Adams, Heather M. Best, Dennis M. Bowman, Kathryn F. Datsopoulos, Wayne K. Davis, Valarie M. Dowell, Jerry E. Ellis, Greg A. Gullickson, Bradley E. Hafar,Michelle Halley, Douglas R. Harrison, Jack E. Heinz, Josiah M. Hodge, Clay T. Jensen, Kevin M. Johnson, Carla E. Jones, Mickey A. Kammerer, John A. Kappes, Susan M. Lowery, Lee Macholz, Brenda K. Maes, Jason R. Martin, Logan M. McInnis, Ross D. Miller, Beate G. Newman, Maureen L. Nichols, Michael L. Ogle, Travis Rice, Eric M. Richards, Gerald L. Schindler, Douglas J. Stephens, Sara S. Streeter, Joseph C. Thul, Denise T. Tribble, Patricia J. Wankier, Michael R. Wildey, Angela J. Yonce, and Craig M. Yonce),

Intervenors and Appellants.

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